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How does the body's muscle grow?

When a person constantly pushes his or her muscles to withstand more resistance or weight, muscular growth rises. This process is known as hypertrophy of the muscles. Acsyp marketing limited

When muscle fibres absorb damage or injury, muscular hypertrophy develops. The body heals damaged fibres by fusing them, hence increasing the bulk and size of the muscles.  

Certain hormones, include testosterone, growth hormones, and insulin – like growth factor factor, also contribute to the development and repair of muscle tissue.

These hormones operate via:

  • enhancing the body’s ability to digest protein
  • blocking the protein degradation
  • Activating satellite cells, a kind of stem cell that contributes to muscle growth
  • enhancing anabolic hormones, which stimulate muscular growth and protein synthesis
  • boosting tissue development

Strength and resistance training can assist the body by:

  • growth hormone release from the pituitary gland
  • boost testosterone release
  • Enhance the sensitivity of muscles to testosteron

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